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I provide vital services to expecting families who seek to minimize medical interventions during pregnancy, labor and birth by offering support, hands-on skills, education and resource sharing. I am available to aid you in your desired birth, in the hospital, home or birth center, in San Jose and the surrounding area.

What Is
A Birth Doula?

Succinctly, it is a person who has extensive knowledge regarding healthy pregnancy and birth who will support the pregnant individual and their family throughout the period from prenatal to postpartum. This can be provided by information and resource sharing, emotional support, hands-on physical support, encouraging trust in pregnancy and birth and innate abilities of the pregnant person, reassurance when all is going well, and advocacy within the medical system.


Why Hire
A Birth Doula?

Pregnancy and birth can be unpredictable even if it is not your first time; hence, a doula is a grounding source to keep you going strong on your unique and enriching birthing path. Additionally, having a doula is extremely helpful if one desires to avoid medical interventions and improve birth outcomes. In fact, quality scientific evidence identified the presence of a continuous support companion during childbearing as having the effect of reducing instances of cesarean deliveries, forceps/vacuum assisted deliveries, and use of epidural analgesia; additionally, the labor duration was shorter, there was greater satisfaction with the birth experience, and the babies had better wellness parameters at birth.

What People Are Saying…

Zahiyah Hasan
San Mateo, Baby Mark Jr.

I absolutely love Katya. She is the sweetest and very knowledgeable. She was accommodating with my busy schedule (work and school). She also was great with providing encapsulation and chiropractic referrals. She's a part of our family. With her assistance I was able to have a successful home birth.

Juliana Mazura
Cupertino, Baby Danik

Our son was born weighing 9.5 lb. Despite the fact that I am pretty small, and it was my first delivery, it happened so naturally and smooth that after a few hours I was ready to repeat it again 🙂 Doula Katya helped us a lot by showing the various positions in which you can move, which greatly eased that painful period. Katya also helped by talking to me during the contractions, which was necessary for me so as not to concentrate on the pain (my husband seemed to be very worried about me at that time). Doula Katya understood what worked just for me as a woman in labour to experience the contractions and the birth itself more comfortably!

Julin Lee
Sunnyvale, Baby Matthan

It’s not a sponsored review or anything, but basically a personal experience of close to 40 hours labour with Katya by our side!! I can’t say enough great things about her, how helpful, dedicated, assuring, kind, and patient she is! All that paired with her background as a nurse, you definitely want to have her by your side during your labour 1000%!


Katya is incredibly warm, open, and non-judgmental, which makes an anxious time feel so much calmer and more approachable! She is an excellent listener who truly cares about protecting your birth experience, as well as yours and your baby's health. Katya's experience makes her uniquely qualified to support all different kinds of birth experiences and help you make decisions along the way. She has many connections in the Bay Area for all different kinds of prenatal and postpartum support, which was beyond useful. We always looked forward to her home visits and she was always willing to get down and practice stretches with me! She supported and informed all of my decisions from my birth plan to choosing medication during birth. I credit Katya with the calm that I was able to embody during my pregnancy that has continued into my new life as a mother.


✨ I hold my baby and my Doula holds me ❤️ A mother goes to the cosmos to find herself and receive her baby. A doula helps support the mother see the power and strength she already has inside of her. She holds space for the sacred. I will forever be grateful to Katya, the safety, connection and bond I felt with her was extraordinary. Over my last 4 births, I’ve had 3 different doulas attend and all of them were such blessings ❤️ But Katya. She was something else. Or maybe I was something else. I knew I felt different as a mother this time birthing. I’ve gone through it many times before, and the witnessing, healing touch, and intuitive knowing and support that Katya gave to me, while also holding space for me to be in my sacred cosmic birthing zone, was beautiful 💕 I couldn’t imagine birthing without a doula. Even with having multiple births, a supportive husband and getting trained and being a doula myself, a doula for me, is as necessary as having fresh air and water. Katya, I’ll love you more than you’ll ever know and I thank the heavens for us meeting and being connected in such a deep way forever 💜


Katya was extraordinarily generous with her knowledge and time so that I could make informed decisions for my birth plan and be confident in those choices - including about things that I didn't even know to consider. If you prefer to make decisions based on as full an understanding of the pros and cons as possible, Katya is the way to go. She also did an excellent job of getting to know my personality and needs so that she could help me prepare beforehand and cope during the birth more effectively. It turned out that my contractions were erratic, which may have been due to the baby being in an unusual position. Katya guided me through a series of exercises to help turn the baby to a better position at home, rode with us to the hospital and helped me cope during the car ride, and was wonderfully calm and helpful the whole time. She took great care of me at the hospital and helped remind the medical staff of what was on the birth plan when questions came up so that I didn't need to be distracted. She even helped catch the baby (although that was not planned)!

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