What Makes Katya’s Birth Doula Services Special?

My Philosophy

Pregnancy and birth are sacred and enriching experiences. They are rites of passage that hold great potential for emotional, spiritual, and psychological transformation. Moreover, they foster enduring bonds within the family. It is my goal to support you on this path and hold space for your unique journey. When childbirth is embraced, not only as normal and natural, but also as a process that is valuable, revolutionary self-discovery and unimaginable paradigm shifts are possible. These states are truly magical. I also believe that this experience is incredibly individual; as such, I aim to expand the possibilities for the unique self-expression and self-actualization. I have worked with thousands of families, assuring their sense of trust in childbirth and their innate strength and abilities. I see childbirth as rebirth for those who seek to embrace its challenges.

My Education

My trust in the normalcy of pregnancy and birth come, not just from my intuition, but from over a decade of clinical experience and education. I am a Bachelor’s prepared Registered Nurse who has worked in Labor & Delivery for over ten years. I am a distinguished professional with certifications in In-Patient Obstetrics, Electronic Fetal Monitoring, Basic Life Support, and Neonatal Resuscitation Program. I was educated and trained to assist parents in achieving successful nursing and proper latch. I am a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula trained through Cornerstone. To maintain my professional development, I attend continuing education seminars and stay abreast of current research. Additionally, I have been attending home births for the last 4 years. I started going to home births providing Doula support and eventually began assisting home birth Midwifes. This incredible experience has reaffirmed my trust in the safety and bliss of birth unhindered, free of medical interventions. In 2018, I started a Midwifery program and am now on my way to becoming a home birth Midwife!

My Experience

As a Nurse, I  provided labor support at over 2,000 births. In addition to my clinical and documentation tasks, I also provided Doula care; such as, giving encouragement and reassurance; guiding through relaxation and breathing techniques; assisting with position changes for improved comfort; providing massage; maintaining a calm and grounding environment; ensuring that the partner is reassured, comfortable and included; assisting with natural approaches to facilitate labor progress; and making sure that the client’s wishes are known and their voice is heard by other care providers. At this point you are probably wondering, if the Nurse does the job of a Doula, why would you need to hire a Doula?

That is a very good question! Well, for one thing, you have never met your Nurse before you arrive to the hospital in labor, while your Doula you have gotten to know over the multiple prenatal visits that you had spent together. Also, your Doula is there just for you during your entire active labor and birth, while Nurses have other patients and will leave when their shift is over. Nurses must perform clinical tasks; such as, monitoring vital signs and the baby, and then document the findings. While these tasks are important, they reroute the Nurse’s attention and focus to the clinical and analytical, and away from your personal and emotional needs. And ultimately, your Nurse may have a different mind-frame about your desired birth experience and may not wholeheartedly support your Birth Plan.

As a Doula, I have supported over 50 people during their births, with the majority of my clients planning a hospital birth. My nursing experience has been invaluable to my work as a Doula. Due to my in-depth education and the breadth of my experience, I know what is normal in pregnancy and birth; therefore, I can keep the birthing person and partner confidently grounded. Over the breadth of my extensive career as a birth worker, I have developed an array of skills relevant to a diverse group of individuals having their unique, sacred birth experience.


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